Couldn’t do it without you!

The most ironic thing I find about going through bad times, is that something good is always laying just beneath the bad.  In my case latley, struggling through doctors appointments, tests, and now a hospital stay for Dude, I have had the true luck of being graced with so much goodness.

As hard as it is as a parent to watch your child go through medical issues, weather it mental, physical, or both, it must be alot harder for that child.  I think sometimes we forget this.  The first “goodness” point I am going to mention is that of all of the doctors, nurses, technicians, etc that Dude has met over the last two years.  We have truly been blessed with Doctors that care so much about his well being, graced with the presence of an amazing and inspiratinal occupatinal therapist and pyhsical therapist. All of the technicians that we have met have had a gracious humor about them.  One of the ost important people to help us on this journey has been Dude’s theparist, I will call him Big D.  He has stood by our family for two years now, and guided us on this journey!  He has taught us so much, about our child, but also about ourselves.

We as a family are so extremly lucky to live in the community we do.  People have rallied around us, given out hugs, offered prayers, thoughts, but most important have showen compassion.  In this community we have found true and beutiful friends, friends that I am not sure I could do any of this (well ok, anything) without.  They have talked me through my tears and my anger. Given me a hug when they can tell I need one, even if I don’t ask.  To them I need to offer a BIG thanks, thanks for standing by your friend as she looses control, thanks for just sitting there listening to me babble, even if I have said it 5 times already, thanks for your smiles:)

I also need to mention two “far away” friends who have phoned numerous times, offered anything and everything.  Dana and Kate have been through absolutley everything with me, from first dates, to my marriage, to my children, and they continue to prove to me over and over, what a true friend really is. Though neither have children theselves, the love they illuminate towards mine is outstanding!

Last but definatley not least I need to thank our families.  Our parents, for their kind words, and words of support, even at the roughest of moments. Our siblings for being learning to learn and accept what is.  Our numerous other family members that have offered help, conversation, and love. Scott I thank you for marrying Kari, because without her, I would be lost I am sure!

I need to mention one more person, whom without I would not be complete. Russ you have stood by me and your family through thick and thin, I a not sure that any man has ever taken his vows so seriously! You are an amazing husband, an amazing father, and an amazing partner to be learning, and travelling this journey with!

I look back on the last two years, and am truly amazed at what I have been blessed with, I have chosen to write about my journeys, and I thought it only fitting that on my first entry I said THANK YOU! to all of you. Love you all so very much!

Till the kids wake me up! K


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