My Little Punky


I had always wanted 2 children, and I had always wanted a boy first, and a girl second.  I think this comes from my own childhood, I have one older brother, whom I idolized!  In my mind I had the perfect family, therefore I wanted the same. 

We were of course blessed with Dude first, and I was taken by surprise when instead of having a second boy we were blessed with Punky!  She came into the world being demanding, and has not looked back! She talked early, she walked at 7 months, potty trained at not even 2 in a matter of a day. She is my little Punky, and as she gets older watching her develop and hone her personality has become a true joy!

We have always tried very hard to let our children be themselves to have their own personalities, to embrace their similarities and their uniqueness.  Dude is Punky on the other hand is what I call right brained, she has to always be doing something, is not to fond of sitting in a desk all day, and has energy to spare!

Where Dude is crushed if he gets in trouble for something, it does not seem to phase Punky what so ever, if she thinks she should do it, she is going to do it whether or not she is going to be in trouble.  Emmy is our strong willed little girl, and though it will benefit her in the future, right now we have to try and find the balance between right and wrong, and some sort of boundaries!

I always thought my son would be there to protect his younger sister, but have been surprised that it will most likely be the other way.  Because Dude struggles in certain situations, Punky picks up for him, and has no hesitation to stick up for her much bigger brother! As she tells me even to the grade 5 boys!

Punky has a spark that not much can compare to.  She has sass that nothing can rival.  Yet she is one of the most caring and compassionate little people around.  I have watched my little girl go from being a little go getter, to just getting.  If Punky sets her mind to something she will do it.  THis summer she learned to ride her bike in an hour, tie her shoe laces in under that, and took a big trip across the country, all with no fear or hesitation. 
Punky was obviously blessed with humor, she shoots sarcasm out like no other, dose not hesitate to tease, joke or just be a goof ball.  She loves to talk, but more importantly loves to laugh. whether it be using breathe right stripes as band aids on a friend, or coming up with new faces to make, she is always good for a laugh!

There are days she just cracks me up at the way she speaks.  Latley it has been a lot of ” likely” and “such as”.  Last night when Russ told her it was bed time her response was ” I don’t think that’s likely to happen!”.

Because of Dude’s appointments, and doctors and such, we have to make an extra effort when it comes to giving Punky the attention she needs, because if she doesn’t get it one way, she will get it another, like one day when I was n the phone constantly booking things for her brother, she proceeded to sit in the candy room, open all of the pink popcorn and get all of the prizes! 🙂

We need to remember that Punky is Punky, and she is full of goodness, and spirit, and for the life of me I do not want that spirit of hers crushed.  She has a twinkle in those big brown eyes, a hop in her step, that attracts people instantly and cheers up even the grumpiest of people. 

She has attitude to the moon, a mouth that doesn’t stop, and a logical explanation for everything you can imagine. But trust me when I say I don’t ever want her to change, and I don’t ever want her to be quiet!!!


Till my kids wake me again!



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