Invisable Illness

Now here is the thing, some disorders or illness are very plain to see, others are very hard to see.  The thing is tons of people shrug off the invisable illness.  Or put blame where blame should not be laid, such as the parenting methods of parents, or life style choices made by individuals.
Dude has a few different invisible illnesses, he has Sensory Processing Disorder, Developmental coordination Disorder, OCD, and Extreme generalized anxiety disorder.  Some days I wish we could put his little brain in a wheel chair, that way I think less people would question us less, or maybe more, which would not nessasarily be a bad thing.  The thing is alot of people are scared, and continue with the stigma that mental illness is not a “real” illness.  Ignorance truly is bliss, and if people are unwilling to learn about such things, than that is their loss, because truly chances are that someone close to everyone of us suffers from some sort of invisible illness. 

For people that think it is something can be ignored, or something that these people can just snap out of, I beg to differ, there is no worse myth than this one!

When Dude was 6 he started threatening suicide, and people would tell me he didn’t know what he was saying, I bought into this for a time, until he walked to the pool , dove in and held himself under the water, another example is when driving high way speed one day, he undid his seat beat and tried to jump out.  Now other people may say it is all for attention, this to I disagree with, because honestly getting attention was never an issue for our kids.  Well maybe it’s the way we were parenting, etc.  That to was not the case, though we felt immense guilt and questioned constantly what we had done wrong. 

We as parents decided to be very pro active, not reactive, and I truly think this is the way to be when dealing with such issues at such a young age.  Dude has seen numerous specialists and doctors, has been in therapy for 2 years, had many tests done, etc.  We took the bull by the horns, and kept pushing, until we had some sort of answer.  After 2 very trying years, I feel like we are finally making headway, and learning as a family to triumph over these trials. 

Here is the other thing, I donot  speak of my child’s illnesses to get sympathy, pity, or anything else. I speak about it to bring awareness, because this could be your child, your sibling, parent or friend. And if we continue to ignore some very tell tale signs, we may end up losing some very dear people. I would like for people to realize that this is NOT their fault, they can not help this.  I would quite frankly rather help them now, than say good bye to soon.

Till my kids wake me again!



One Response to “Invisable Illness”

  1. Larry Says:

    Kirsten it is very good to read about the progress being made and the appreciation you have for what you have, everyone is unique and has special talents and we need to accept them for what they are and not for what we may want them to be. You and Russell and you families have been tested by the unknowns, the things you have not faced before and thankfully your persistence is getting you the answers you need.

    I am pleased and happy for you and your family!

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