I will take the triumphs over the turmoil please!

Spring is finally in the air!!! As the school year nears it’s end, and I will be honest our house has already checked out for the year, I sit and reflect on what this year entailed for our Dude.

This has been one of complete turmoil on an educational level for our little man.  It has completly drained his parents, and required a new med regime to get him through.  And as any special needs parent knows this is t he time of year where you sit  around the table and re-evaluate their IEP’s, etc.  This in itself can be extremly exhausting for everyone involved.  This Mama bear is T-I-R-E-D!!! and trust me when I say thank God my kids energize me!  We have a lot of weighing and back and forth to go through.  I never expect people to understand, or know all of my childs Dx’s,  but I hope that at least peoples minds and hearts for that matter are open to learning.

All of this being said the little triumphs that our Dude has accomplished this year have brought me peace and joy!! He started to skate! He learned to tie his shoes! He is choosing his outfits (yes I have to make sure they match!)! and he is mostly dressing himself! I am sure any parent can remember with great happiness when these milestones were hit!! So what, it took him years longer than most, but ya know what? He DID IT!!!!
He has turned, what feels over night, from my little boy, into this incredible young man. He has continued to overcome adversity, and has learned to explain how he is feelings. He has started to stand up for himself, we have worked so hard as a family to have him accomplish these “little” things, and now that he has I have come to realize just how HUGE these actually are 🙂

So yes I can honestly say that though it has been one of our toughest years to date, I would do it all over in a heart beat, because the triumphs were so worth it!

Please keep passing the triumphs, and I will continue to wade through the turmoil!!!


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