A few of my Favorite Things……

Ok so anyone that has ever met our little punky, knows just how much sparkle she has, and just how much of a blessing her humor is to our family! That being said I would love to share a few of my favorite moments…

1) As I was nursing the little one (yes quite a few years ago!) I turned her over to burp her. What the heck?! She had what appeared to be a black hole on the roof of her mouth? I passed her over to my very experienced Grandma to have a look. SHe had no idea and suggested I call the doctor. At this point we didn’t live in town, but were visiting, so I made an appointment for right away, as it looked to us like her mouth was rotting. Take her in, and the doctor has a look, looking slightly confused he goes and gets some nasty looking tweezers. Oh look at that, her mouth is NOT rotting, but there is a nice smiley face sticker suctioned to the roof of her mouth!!! This was our first time meeting the staff and doctors in town, and she still makes them chuckle!

2) I would say maybe age 1 and a half, I am making supper and give the kids some chip and dip for a small snack. As I go in to check them Punky is completly covered, hair and all in chip dip! Now this was a regular occurance, and still is with anything she can get her hands on, paint, stickers, markers you name it. I suggest you look up the book “Ain’t GOnna Paint no More”, and you will see exactly what I mean!

3) Maybe age 2 now, and again Mommy is busy in the kitchen, how the gardening shears ended up in our living room, I still don’t know. Well what would you do if you had a pair of shears? Yes of course you would use them to cut off all your blond curls, and no not a trim on the side, but just the entire block of hair right on the top of your head!!

4) Moving on a few years now, and remember these are just a few of my favorite things. Again I am making supper and all is quiet in the living room. When I go in to say supper is ready there sits Punky with a bowl full (and I mean to the top full!) of white perfectly round balls. “Ummm what are those?” at first I am thinking marshmellows? Ya nope she had sat for who knows how long and precisly rolled the icing out of Oreos and was eating them with the fork! And for your info she ate all the outer parts aswell, I think in an effort not to get caught!!

5) I get home from work one day, and head into the washroom, there sits one of her dolls on the sink, I look a little closer and written across the dolls forhead is “I AM GRUMPY!!”, apparently when her children are grumpy they will take their time outs in the bathroom!!

6) Ahhhh bed time, one of my favorite times of day, I love my sleep, as much as I love coffee and chocolate! With a good book in hand I lay my head down, I feel something out of place and reach to adjust my pillow. SOmething crunchy?? I have a water pillow and was wondering how it had turned crunchy? Nope not the pillow, but a pile of Pine cones in the pillow case! I must remember to ask her why they were there!!

Now here are a few side notes, I still have the sticker, and the hair! I also have a ton of increminating pictures!! But most importantly I think the lesson I have learned from all of these, is I should stay out of the kitchen 🙂


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