Yes I admit I was wrong with a capital W!

Looking back at how naive we were 4 years ago! After much pressure to our family doctor we were finally referred to a pediatrition. We took our list of concerns in with us, and the doctor performed a gruelling physical on Dude. Not much was said during that first appointment, but “you should go home and look up Sensory Processing Disorder”.
Hmmm well that didn’t sound to bad, I mean he was a picky eater, and he struggled with touch and smell. I mean that’s what this weird name must encompass right?!
WRONG!! oh so wrong! When we got home and I plunked in front of the computer and hit google, I was over whelmed! You mean to tell me that “sensory” isn’t smell, taste and touch??
I was able to find some good resources that explained just how complex this disorder is, and was armed and ready when the diagnosis came in as suspected, along with others.
This was our introduction to SPD, now I am not going to go into all the medical mumbo jumbo regarding SPD, because trust me it can get VERY confusing!! I am a researcher and found that reading books, articles, etc helped me guide Dude on this journey. We learned that he is both seeking and advoiding, which in it self is a TON of fun (insert sarcasm)! We soon learned that though he could hold himself together at school, by the time he got home he was so over stimulated, or under stimulated he would have intense melt downs. Here is where the fun came in, trying to figure out at any given time if he was needed or not needing sensory input!
Needless to say it was and still is alot of trial and error. SPD gets more complicated when you add other diagnosis to the picture, and it turns into a complete and utter jugling act.
I know I know I have been told a lot that I should be in a circus, but really I want lions and horses and elephants, not a screaming child you can’t touch, or maybe should touch, who hates sounds, but screams at the top of his lungs without noticing, who won’t eat fruit, but oh boy bring on the meat, and who gags at the slightest smell!
Ahh the joys, so apparently I was complelty wrong in my assumption of what SPD was, since I have learned there are more than your 5 basic senses, and that this disorder impacts more than just what you eat for lunch!
This will be the one and only time that I will admit to being wrong so take note! Because In this circus I am the ring leader 🙂


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