A heartfelt THANK YOU!!

Initially I was going to email this, but then I wanted everyone to know just how I felt!

To my Fellow Committee Members,
As this is our final week of our journey I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know how much gratitude I have for each and every one of you.
When we started this process I gotta be honest I didn’t know just how gruelling and time consuming it would be!! When we started out we were friends, but let’s be honest not super close, and at best I had coffee the odd time with the odd one of you. Now I am not sure who I would rather spend my evenings and weekends with when I am away from my family!
Through an incredibly hard year for me personally, you all helped me more than you know! Be it not making me feel guilty for not attending a meeting, a quick hug, or even just a quick smile, you all grew from casual friends, to some of my dearest.
The incredible dedication and enthusiasm you have all shown truly inspires me, and is at least admirble.
Yes there were peaks, and yes there were valleys, but I have never seen so many people with diffrent opinions come together, not judge, put their opinions aside for the sake of our children!!
At the end of the day each of you is amazing, talented thoughtful and caring. And I couldn’t have imagined what you have taught me, that in lite of anything if you want something bad enough it can be done, through hard work, determintation, more than our share of meetings, and some good solid common sense, you made this happen!!
I cannot forget the community either, I knew we were a close knit town, but WOW people have come out of the wood work, weather the amazing talented support from BDSS, parents, kids, grandparents, heck even people with no affiliation to the playground! The many hours spent baking, banking, donating, and participating truly blow me away!! I could not imagine a more heart felt and caring community to be a part of. And you girls are an intricite part of that community!!
Thank You from the bottom of my heart, for letting me be a part of this amazing journey!!


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