Tis the season!

The days are longer, the sun is brighter, and the world seems a little bit brighter, right? For most of us we are lucky enough to feel a little bit more of a jump in our step as winter turns to spring and spring to summer, but for our Dude this change reaks havoc in his litte body!
As of right now he has what they call an unspecified mood disorder, because of his age his doctors are reluctant to nail a name to it. Which I can respect and appretiate. But it dosen’t change the fact that there is something going on on the mood scale! Season changes are hard on him, even with his medication holding he can go from one extreme to the other, happy and hyper to withdrawn, mad and sad, and very quickly!
It of course causes some major chaos in our home, stresses me out, so I can’t even imagine how he feels!
As he gets older he is getting so mature and now able to verbalize how he is feeling with much more accuracy then prior years.
I have had people say to me recently “he is so grown up, he is so well behaved!” , well here is the brutal truth people…..he is, but let me tell you it takes a lot of work, he tries so so hard, he has to try harder then most to keep it together! He has 4 years of major therapy under his belt to teach him coping skills, and he uses them every second of every day. So when other kids his age act out (in their age appropriate way) he holds it together, because he knows with in himself if he gives an inch, he’s gonna go a mile.
Dudes personality is truly a blessing that helps him alot, he is a caring, respectful, sympathic kid, he always has been, that has not come from therapy! So you mix that with intense work on his part, and you get this 9 year old wise beyond his years.
I am so proud of him and all of the work HE has done to beable to sit in a choatic classroom without melting down, to pull off good grades with none of the assistance he is supposed to have!
So yes these season changes cause an uproar within him, but you won’t see that because of him and his hard work! He saves it all for us, because when he walks through the door at 330, he is safe to let it go, to have a meltdown, to cry and scream! Which one of us can say we control ourselves for 8 hours a day every minute of that day? Ya not me that’s for sure!
So happy Spring/summer, we will, even though for 2-3 hours every evening we are calming him, reassuring, giving him sensory input or for that matter totally advoiding anything or anyone because he has had to deal with that all day, and for crying out loud he is going to be him in the evening!


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