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What does family mean to you?

June 16, 2011

ahhh Family! They bring you laughter, tears, happiness, anger and every emotion in the book!
I have got to say right off the hop that I have totally been blessed with the family I both grew up in and married into!
The big guy and I married young and had Dude young, looking at “kids” that ae now, I am surprised that we lept in so young, and wonder how we ever made it!
Close to 11 years ago I married the man who has stood by me through everything, he is the strong silent type, who levels out my not so silent type! There are times through our marriage that if he were a lesser man I am sure he would have walked away, and no one would have blamed him! But he didn’t and instead of growing up and apart we have grown up and together. We have defied many odds that we had against us. Instead of tuning out when dude started his journey he jumped in with me with both feet. He is strong for his children and for me though I am sure inside sometimes he is seething with anger and emotion. Let’s face it I am pretty emotional wear my heart on my sleeve which sometimes can get me into trouble, so his calmness soothes me, and keeps me out of jail! haha
I was lucky that I married a man who was brought up right, and his family accepted me for me, and has since accepted us as us full heartedly. Who guides me, loves me, and backs me in any time whether it good or bad! I married their brother and son, and they have loved me like a true daughter and sister!
I was blessed the day I was born because of who my family is. Even our “2nd cousins” and “greats” were more like “1st’s”! At the helm of our family were my Grandparents, who through my entire life I can honestly say never doubted me or questioned my path. They were different of course from my parents because they didn’t have to discipline me, but at the end of the day loved me un conditionally, and guided me with their wisdom. There are many days were I draw on the strength and determination they showed me. When I am prepping for meetings I think of my Grandmother who would have fought tooth and nail for her children, grand children and yes even her great grandchildren. When I am sad I think of my Grandpa’s humor and utter strength to over come anything, and make it to the other side. I was lucky enough and my children were lucky enough to experience their true grace.
I was also blessed with Aunts and Uncles who saw me through, and have supported us endlessly! And their children who are far more than cousins, who have grown into accepting, kind and loving adults! I consider some of my cousins my best friends. Who I hope someday will look up to me, and know just how much they mean!
I was blessed with an older brother who drove me nuts and beat me up, but who also wiped away my tears and lifted me up when I needed, and who has now blown me away with the kindness and acceptance of our Dude and the special relationship he has forged with him. My brother was blessed when he married an incredible women, who is strong, kind, humorous and one of my biggest confidants and supporters. They together have given our family 2 special blessings that have turned into my kids best buds not just cousins, who are 2 very special little people to me 🙂 In fact I am lucky to have 3 very special little people, Punky might not think so when she is a teenager and all of these special little people are grown men and watching out for her as she brings home her dates! haha
I believe I must have chosen my parents, because there is few that would have put up with me! My parents have loved and supported me every day of my life, sure there were times they were unfair, and mean, well that’s what I thought until I had kids! haha In fact they were loving and firm gave me boundaries but let me push them and were there to help me put the pieces back together. I have made choices I am sure they don’t agree with but at the end of the day I know they still love me.
In the last 4 years as we have embarked on this journey my family has truly stepped up to the plate! They have helped us make some crucial and difficult decisions, they have listened endlessly to my concerns, they have shuttled us to appointments, all with a smile on their faces. They have given me advice, strength and love like no one else.
So to me Family means Blessings! Blessings that I don’t know where I would be with out.
Love You all more than you know 🙂