LEt’s hear it for the boy!!

So we had a “check up” with Dude’s physiotherapist and occupational therapist and what a check up it was!!!
Dude’s p/t has been with him from the start, and has recently returned from mat. leave, therefore hasn’t worked with him in quite a while!
First of all she was utterly amazed at how much he has grown (he is now about an inch shorter than her!). We spent a good half an hour going over things, and just talking about what next year will look like. These two ladies are a true asset to our family, and bring so much to the table 🙂
Then we took a stroll to the park, as we listed off the things Dude has accomplished this year (skating, horse back riding, curling, swimming, dressing himself, unloading the dishwasher….) her jaw literally dropped! These are all things Dude has struggled with for years, and now upon his 10th birthday is accomplished with confidence!
Dude and his ot tried out the new playground as we stood and watched him climb, spin and jump on things he never would have tried before, tears of course welled up in my eyes as I realized just how far he has come!
He has learned to tell me when he is needing to avoid sensory input, and now we are starting on identifying when he is seeking input, we now have some fun things for him to do to get that input right when he gets up, which seems to be the time of day he is seeking the most.
It also hit me just how important this new playground is, on old rusty there wasn’t much as far as sensory goes, but on the new structure a lot of his sensory needs can be met, which is so exciting to me!! To be able to walk down the street and fill his sensory tank is something we have never been able to do before!
We wrapped up our meeting back at home, with a quick physio assesment. His core muscles are coming along, but he will need supports for his ankles/feet to correct and help his leg mobility.
So today I am grateful for all my son has done!! I am a proud Mama, and have come to realize he will never cease to amaze me, and many people around him!
So today I say “Let’s hear it for my Boy!!” Way to go Dude!


2 Responses to “LEt’s hear it for the boy!!”

  1. Angie Rose Baker Says:

    That is so wonderful!!

  2. The Raytones Says:

    Yay! Let’s here it for the boy indeed!

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