Dear Dude!

Dear Dude,
Ten years has gone by in the blink of an eye! Looking back I am overwhelmed by the surprises you have brought us.
You have overcome more than anyone could possibly know, you have proven doctors wrong time and time again.
You face your inner battles daily, and you face them like a little soldier going into battle and come out a little hero.
You have taught me more than I ever thought I needed to learn!! You have taught me strength and determination, you have taught me courage and compassion. You have taught me how to be the best Mother I know how to be, patient and kind, but also when and how to be a Mama bear, and how to help you fight the battles you face. You taught me not to judge to face each day as it comes.
Ten years ago I didn’t expect any of these things, but I also didn’t expect the utter joy that you fill me with!
Love you to the end of the earth!
Here’s to the next ten years, and all of the lessons you will teach me 🙂
Happy Birthday Dude!!


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