Back to school already?

I really hate this time of year! I hate school shopping, mind you being able to shop online has helped this issue immensely! I don’t look forward to making lunches, fighting with Punky to get dressed and eat in the morning, and most of all I hate the way life is about to speed up once again.
I love summer holidays, not necessarily because of the weather, or holidays, but because life slows down, I have time to read a book (or in this summers case a TON of books!), and I really enjoy having more time to relax with. Dude and Punky. I love just sitting, I love the slower pace summer brings, no rushing out the door, rushing to appointments so I am back by such and such a time, rushing to get supper on the table, etc!
This year we are going to venture down a new road with our Dude, and I am truly hoping this journey brings us, and mainly him a bit of peace 🙂 I am hoping that his brain gets a break, because Lord knows it needs one. His brain and mental load has been overloaded for so long, and for his health it needs a break.
What many people don’t understand when dealing with a child with mental illness,etc, is that it truly is a life or death situation, and you have to tread so lightly and balance things just right, for fear of tipping the boat!
Because his mental state is so very fragile we need to help him to be the healthiest, happiest possible, as we all do with all of our children, this too me is THE most important part of being a parent. And if we don’t look out for our babies, who will? It is our job as parents to love, guide, and protect our little angels, and I take this job very seriously 🙂 With Dude this can be very trying, where with Punky you can explain things, and ease her fears anxieties in a sensible fashion. When you throw mental illness into the picture rational thinking is over taken by irrational thoughts and fears, and saying “it’s ok, it’s not really that bad, etc” just doesn’t cut it.
Dude becomes so mentally fatigued throughout the day, that by 3:00 he can’t even think straight. It takes ALOT of reassuring, talking, deep breathing and other strategies to help him over come what ever his day held. Life is tough on kids, and I think we as adults tend to forget just how tough it is, and I know for Dude it can be heart wrenching. I become heart-broken when I think how care free and fun childhood should be, and realize that Dude has never really had that. Now all children have their struggles, bad days, etc. Punky will come home after a long or trying day and require a lot of TLC1 The difference between your “average” children and children like Dude who suffer greatly mentally he has never been care free, not one day has he been worry free since the age of 5. Dude has the best laugh, and because we hear it so infrequently it makes it that much sweeter 🙂
What may send your “average” kid into tears or a fit, will throw children like Dude into a very scary place, with Dude that can include anything from meltdowns, to self harming, and as a parent you hate that Hug just isn’t going to cut it!
Dude is one of the strongest people I know because as an adult I am not even sure if I could cope the way he does, he has incredible strength and control, but for once I want him to be care and worry free, and let us help carry his load.
So here we go! Bring on the lunch kits, the sports, the crazy schedule, cause Mom’s we are the glue that holds the house together, and we can make it through anything 🙂
I am going to share a quote going around that I feel very fitting for the beginning of another school year 🙂

BEFORE you judge my life or my character .. WALK in my shoes, walk the path I have travelled, LIVE my sorrow, my doubts, my fear, my pain, my laughter …!!! REMEMBER Judge not lest ye be judged, Everyone has their own story! And then you can judge me!


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