I Promise you….

I will be there for you while you walk this path,

I will hold your hand while you battle inside of yourself,

I will sit beside you as you tremble with the fear of the unknown,

I will kiss your tears to ease your pain,

I will hold you close while you deal with what is invisible to the world, but oh so real to you,

I will battle for you while you quietly wait,

You are a silent soldier, but know you are not alone in your war!

I wrote this for dude in 2009. So much has happened since then. And because I am so emotional and maybe a bit riled right now, I am going to promise my Dude and My punky a few things.
But first I need to put something out there for everyone to think about because it may just put things into perspective a little bit, it may help people to understand just how hard life as a kid with mental illness can be, how not stopping bullying can really truly be life threatening….(this could be a little controversial, but its a thought I had to maybe help people get it!) I also need to say right now the huge majority of the people I know, talk to, etc, are VERY supportive and kind, so thank you for that, because I know not every family has those kind of people surrounding them πŸ™‚
Certain Mental illness IS life threatening, it is no different then fighting cancer or diabetes. Why? if you do not “do the treatment”, “take the meds”, “see the doctors and therapists”, it could in fact cost you your life, the life of someone dear to you!
This would be why we fight every second of every day, why we are proactive, because I will fight with everything I have to save my child from suffering. Just like a physical ailment, you don’t treat it, it can get worse, yes you might live, but what about your quality of life?? We want the best life possible for our little man, he is extremely kind, caring, genuine and smart, and I know in my heart he will go far in his life, we just have to work a little harder to get him there. And here is where I add the dreaded “bullying” word!!
People do not understand how damaging to ANY child this is, unless you yourself or your child has struggled with the issue it is really hard to understand just how much havoc it reeks on a person, it is something they carry forever with them. The names they were called hurt more than a punch in the gut. Could you imagine going to work/home EVERY day and hearing ALL day how stupid you are, how ugly you are, and I won’t even get into the horrid things kids are being told….you sure wouldn’t feel so hot would you? Pretty sure I wouldn’t go back, would you in all honesty go back for more? Nope probably not right? Imagine not having anywhere to turn, no-one helping, it would be pretty awful wouldn’t it? yup, and yet we expect kids to buck up and get over it!
When you put these 2 components together it could be and is a complete nightmare!
I will give credit to the people I know who have really stepped up when they thought their child had wronged another, and I must say those people are some of the most courageous I know, good for you πŸ™‚ I hope if I need to I can step up and help my children realize it’s not ok treat others poorly πŸ™‚
My promises…
I promise to hold you close, I promise to help you fight your fights, or support you from the sidelines, I promise to listen, I promise cherish you, I promise to not take you for granted, I promise to walk tall, and to help you walk tall as you make your way through this thing called life, I promise to be the best Mommy I can be πŸ™‚


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