A new journey……

Pretty excited as today Dude’s books are arriving, and tomorrow will be our first day of school!!
Of course there are some nerves, etc, but overall I am at peace with our choice of journeys.
Dude needs time to heal and become healthy again, as of course we took many steps back recently, as he copes and overcomes an almost PTSD. Yet the little guy continues to battle on, and though days can be hard, and he recalls and struggles through memories and fears the worst, he is coping and fighting every step of the way!
So a journey starts, one of healing, one of overcoming negative, and of course one of learning (for all of us!).
I am so overwhelmed with the support we are receiving in our venture, the time and the caring that has been shown to Dude, and the understanding and compassion that is being given to him.
This is a journey that no doubt we could do alone, so we have set up supports and positive people to help us along the way.
I hope and pray that this will help Dude on his road to recovery from his latest set back, and that we can learn together.
Lord know’s I am sure he will be teaching me, and not just academically! Because that’s what he does on a daily basis, teaches us, shows us just how much life is worth living 🙂
Here’s to our new journey, cheers 🙂


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