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Sticks and stones…

October 23, 2011

Ahhhh so life is such a journey, and one we tend to so for granted that we miss life’s lessons! I saw a quote recently that said something like “You were given this life because you are strong enough for it” there is also a song that is ringing so close right now called ” I’m not perfect” even Dude says that is his song!
Dude was chosen for a reason to have these struggles and I firmly believe he is here to teach, and not just his family. Right now his emotional state is touch and go, not only is he still reeling and healing from being bullied, it is fall and fall brings extreme moods for him 😦 He is on a very tretorus journey right now trying to be comfortable with himself, and realizing he is worth something, because his self worth was taken from him, he feels worthless, stupid and ugly. He is NONE of these things, and as much as we tell him how wonderful he is, it is going to take a long road for him to actuay believe it.
His entire being has been questioned, because you can ony hear something for so long before you start believing it, and unfortunately it takes longer to undo than to do.
Right now Dude is battling daily to keep his head above water to not give into some very scary temptations, because someone thought it was fun to repeatedly say things to him, and because it was allowed to continue. I wish everyday that I would have known what was happening when it was happening, but as it goes Dude kept everything to himself, and so this is what we are left with, a CHILD who is extremely fragile and scared. Being told the things he was told (and I will not put them out into the public) would scar the best of us, us that know in our minds that they are not true, but when these words are spoken over and over every singe day, and when they continue everywhere a chid turns, not only do they not have the mental capacity to decipher it all, but they don’t have the know how to cope and deal with it. I am empathetic almost to a fault, but I also question personal accountability and responsibility. I am all for helping both sides, etc, but lets not forget who the victims in these situations really are. Let’s not turn the tables and help the bully so much that the victim suffers more! I remember numerous grounding, and suspensions, and something forgien now a days called detention! I had ALOT of them, because I (no one else) chose to be a little s&@!, no one made me behave that way. We have all had a heck of a road, and we could blame it all on someone or something else. YEs there are times when things honestly ae not our fault, but we all have to make choices at some point in our lives, and only we can make them. So right now, going though what we are, I gotta be brutally honest, my feeling bad for the bully and giving them the benefit of the doubt is gone G-O-N-E! In my opinion it is time that we start making people accountable for their own actions, it is time that we listen and it is time that yes we HELP, we listen to little Johnny, and if he is struggling at home, etc so we can hep him learn it’s NOT OK! But at the same time Little Johnny needs something called a consequence, maybe a detention maybe a etter home, maybe a suspension?! Because even though Little Johnny is having struggles he needs to know it does not make it ok to treat others so utterly awful that they would rather end it al then face another day with Little Johnny.
If your community hasn’t lost a child to suicide from Bullying now a days you are rare and lucky, and that is disgusting and so so sad! So I am bagging every singe adult to keep your eyes and your ears open, take a stand. Because ya sticks and stones do break bones, but as I have learned the hard way, words nearly kill you!