Everyone’s an expert, who to trust?

So here’s one of the biggest struggles many parents of children with mental illness struggle with, heck adults struggle with it as well! And that’s treatment. I will start by saying in no way shape or form am I an expert, but I am a mom, and a mom who has been on this voyage for quite some time. I will also highly stress that every single person and situation is unique, mental health is not a cold or a virus that the treatment works on the majority all the same. Some things work for some, some for others, and yes some not at all!

If you are on this journey I am sure you have been made to feel guilty if your child is on medication, STOP! Don’t ever feel guilty for treating your child’s illness the way you see best. Think of it as, if they were diagnosed with cancer, would you refuse chemo? If they were diagnosed diabetic would you refuse insulin? Didn’t think so, and before anyone questions me that they’re nothing alike, you have much to learn. Mental Health is a battle daily, it is life altering and it can be life or death, and you do not know which way the road will turn. I’m sure you’ve also been inundated with miracle cures, of well meaning friends and family. You know this diet, this vitamin, etc. Fair enough some of these things MAY help in some cases, in ours it did not. We must remember that children react differently than adults, and quite often fads can cause more harm than food, especially when taken orally, and with prescription meds.

So here’s a few things I have learned, and a few things I strongly advises

First off gp’s are wonderful and great but when it comes to mental health (some minor mental health issues can be treated fine by a gp or pediatrician) find a good psychiatrist. They are the specialist in the field, and medication and treatment can be extremely complex, especially if it involves interactions, dosages etc.
I strongly recommend a good therapist as well, medication with out therapists can be like Oreos without milk. Medications can only do so much, they can’t teach you to cope, overcomes hurdles etc. Quite often therapists and psychiatrists work closely together with parents as well. It’s truly a team.
Last but not least pharmacist! When it comes to interactions amongst prescription and over the counter (sometimes as simple as Tylenol or a throat lozenge) they are truly a god send! It is crucial when medication is being used you double check before giving anything!
We have found a few essential oils help Dude, we have tried a few different diets, vitamins etc, to no avail and we ALWAYS have the input of our team. Dudes psychiatrist may not agree, but if its not going to hurt him we try, and he is gracious in not saying I told you so 😉
It is important for those of us in the battlefield to not judge the treatment choices others make, if it works and keeps our kids heads (or ours) above water do it, without jidgement.I am always extremely cautious and would ask you be the same though when it involves children, we must remember that they are not like adults when receiving treatment. Quite often they react the opposite of adults. Its like walking a type rope, always wondering when the next slip will be.
Find a good team, one you can be open, honest and build a strong partnership with. These people are your life line. They are who ultimately know chemicals, hormones, and the complexity of the brain and its workings in mental health.
Follow your gut, like everything there are good and bad, ask the tough questions, and I’d you don’t feel it, move on.
You are your children’s voice. There is no shame in walking this path, this is no fault of your (or anyone else’s). These children fight every single day, and we need to have gratitude for those that help us, listen to us, and prop us up during the war we rage through. We need support, and tough! Any may not be able to understand, we need patience and compassion and empathy. We don’t need glares, stares, whispers.
Grab a good team, trust in them, and utilize them. We can’t do it alone!


One Response to “Everyone’s an expert, who to trust?”

  1. bestkids Says:

    “Support and patience” (not tough) and “many don’t understand, but ” in the last paragraph

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