journey interuppted

It has been 2 years since I sat and blogged. Life got in the way, many new paths were traveled, and time seemed to march on with out chances to share. A quick summary to bring everyone up to date, and then hopefully to carry forward to bring a glimpse into the life of…
Dude and little punky (not so little anymore) are both going to school a 30 min drive south of us. For our children this was the best possible move, dude (And us as his parents) have found support, understanding and comfort we didn’t know existed, and punky is excelling in all she does!
This mom now not only runs a coffee ship, but has had florist thrown into into the mix, and I love it more than anything I have done previous! I find it an outlet for not only my creativity, but it brings a calm,and a proud ness I’ve struggled to find my whole life. When I can create something and look at it in awe that that I achieved I can’t help but be a bit proud!
We lost big D a year and a bit ago,which was a tremendous loss to not just dude, but all of us. We lost our security blanket,and now finally after a long while without a therapist we are starting the journey of connecting withe Dude’s new one. There are many a day I just ask questions out loud to big D in hopes he can help us from a plane other than this one. Losing him was devastating to Dude (not many tears were shed but every time he is in a place crying for help the first person he wants is big D).
Dude had a major set back this fall where a situation at a school they visit for options was handled extremely poorly by the staff there, it has set us back so many steps I can’t even count. I get and can understand to some degree kids picking on kids (more often than not if they are told to stop, they in fact will), but what makes me sick is adults using children for their own personal power trip, which is what happened in this situation. Needless to say Dude hasn’t returned, the week following we had a mad dash to emergency for a suicide assessment. Meds were tweeked and it’s been an extremely hard hill to climb, and we continue to climb.
So here’s where we are starting from please continue on our journey with us!


Proud mom 🙂


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