I hate morning’s

I actually don’t, I’m very much a morning person,  you know one of those people that considers 6am sleeping in,  yup I’m them.
During the week though I have come to loathe them.  I still get up at 5 and cross my fingers and hope for a calm morning.  See I have to have a cup of coffee before the storm hits.  And by storm I mean Dude and the doom of getting him out the door.
Our morning’s follow the same routine every day,  with tweaks if something isn’t working or could work.
Dude doesn’t hate school,    infact most days he’ll tell you it was good (even if it wasn’t ,  he also struggles with short term memory problems).  It’s the thought of going,  leaving his comfort place,  maybe having to try something new that sends him into full battle mode!  He does good through most of the getting up and ready part.  By good mean not having a total melt down.  It’s as soon  as you say “boots and coat”  the switch is flipped.  While before he may be complaining of  a tummy ache,  now we are in full blown shaky,  weak,  pain mode.  We are in fight mode.  Mom and dad put on the gloves!  You start with a calm soothing voice,  into bargaining,  consequences (who cares),  into frustration.  Every. Single. Morning.  From get ready to the car can take up to a half hour of battle. Does he physically feel this way? Yes.  Does he still have to push through? Yes.  Mind you there are days he stays home because it’s just to much,  but for the most part we win these battles.  Once I’ve closed the door I either feel like a 1000 pound weight has been lifted or sit down and cry.  Sometimes by the time he gets to school things are fine, other times not so much.  Those are the days I have guilt. Not for me or even him but those who carry on the battle at school.  One thing I’ve learned is to pick your battles.  This is a big one!  But one I must win, it’s called perseverance,  something I hope he sees at the end of the day when he’s made it through!
Now where is my coffee?


5 Responses to “I hate morning’s”

  1. randi Says:

    Its like this are my exact words! Everything you write, is like you actually are in our home and describe what you see. You allso write very good! Wish i could write in norwegien, had been a lot easier, but then..you wouldnt understand a word;)

  2. Crystal French Says:

    I can tell you something from your childrens side…It sucks for us, the kids and adults alike, that can’t explain what is the problem without the blow ups, the rage, the emotions. We would give anything to be able to tell our family what we feel in the inside without all the other stuff, to be able to sit down like our brothers and sisters and just talk to you. Sometimes our own guilt is a big part of the outbursts. We don’t want to let our families down but it won’t come out any other way and that turns to guilt when everything has settled. Then it just goes round and round. Leaving our comfort zones causes internal havoc, some days more than others. But I know you families already know that from what you say. Best thing I can say now is, KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!

    • bestkids Says:

      Thank you for sharing that!

    • randi Says:

      Thank you! Yes, so true. Our son had this morning a total meltdown. It lasts for 45 min, after he cried and cried. Said he have to kill himself before he get to strong, and really harm me. He is 12 years old..We talked and talked, when the teacher came to take him to alternativ school, fishing, he was calm. When he came home, after 4 hours, he was really stressed, in a very bad mood and very angry. I know that the reason for that,,is that he is “filled” up with guilt and hate him self. Take care, hugs from Randi:)

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