Today I’m an Oilers fan!


I’m not much for hockey, unless it’s kids hockey, I don’t have a favorite team, don’t care about stats, and couldn’t tell you who won the cup last year!
I do know the Edmonton Oilers aren’t doing so well, haven’t in quite while, but I’m a fan.
They have a big campaign going to win signed pucks (again something I’m not all that worried about), the campaign? Bring awareness and break down stigma surrounding mental illness!
Now I love this on a few different levels, but the biggest one for me is they are hitting a target audience that is the most judged, most stero typed, MEN, and BOYS!
It is hard for anyone to ask for help, admit they are suffering, but our society has created such a tough guy stereotype, boys and men find it shameful to do so.
Girls and ladies are somewhat expected to be emotional, cry, etc.
Boys and men, not so much. We here “man up”, “big boys don’t cry”, “tough it out” far to often. Guess what folks? People in the trenches can’t just tough it out,being tough has nothing to do with it! In fact I’d say those that speak up are a hell of a lot tougher then most of us.
I’ll admit I’ve screwed its hard for those of us not suffering to do so,but not using the above I will say to Dude “push through bud, just try really hard”, the more I learn the more I realize saying things like this are not helpful, even used positively. In that moment, they can not help their feelings, they are stuck until such time comes they’re not.
I’ve known young men, and grown men lost to suicide, men you would have never thought, why? Because they were tough, not a care in the world. But it’s obvious to me now, they were hurting and in that place of no return, I’ve seen that look of such pain on Dude’s face, and I’d someone at that point told him to tough it out, I would have probably ended up with a 3 game suspension!
So though the oiler’s won’t be bringing home a cup in the near future,this to me is
worth so much more!
Way to break down the barriers, talk the talk, using a sport full of “tough guys” that so many boys, young men and men alike look up to for leadership, an aspirations.


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