In my opinion


This post is for those of us that love and support those who battle. Not nesassarily for those battling because that’s a different ball game!
This popped up on my fb feed and I had to share, because it is my thoughts to a t!
If you haven’t noticed I’m an open book, I like to think of myself as graciously honest (OK gracious sometimes, sometimes there’s a bunch of f bombs involved ).
Today I’m mentally exhausted,  not melting down, but drained with processing a hell of s lot.
BUT I give myself a day it 2, and that’s it.
We all process and handle our hurdles differently,  but one major thing I learned pretty early on is my kids pick up and carry the way I’m feeling. My bad days turn into their bad days. It’s not fair to them for me to wollow in self pity.
It does more harm than good for me to be an emotional wreck with every step of this journey.
I’m not saying this to be mean, but trust me when I say it makes a difference.  When your child faces illness you grieve for what you thought would be, and We all do that in our own time, but the acceptance is truly freeing. It’s important to remember this is not our fault (OK some are, but lifers like Dude has nothing to do with the horrendous things that cause some mental illnesses but again that’s a different story ).
It’s OK to hurt for your child, but what are you going to do with that hurt?  For me I use it to drive me to learn and help.
It’s not easy, and I’m being honest when I say if you are struggling,  overwhelmed, etc consider help for yourself on the journey.
I personally did a few therapy sessions in the beginning,  because I thought o needed to learn to cope myself,  I didn’t for for long, as I had already been through the grief.
There’s no shame in getting help for yourself along with your child,  it’s much better than drowning and not being able to pull out of the darkness.
In order to help our children sometimes We must help ourselves.


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