Tired and proud Mama!


It’s been a great week for Dude (meds leveled off), but one of much reflexion, and processing for this mama!
Started Monday with getting the much anticipated assessment back, Tuesday was his appointment with his physciatrist, which still after 6 years make me a bit nervous and tired.
You need to understand a 45 page report followed by an appointment is a lot to take in and process and has left me mentally drained even though dare I say it, excited and relieved with the outcomes.  Not because they’re good, actually they’re quite the opposite,  but now well can move forward!
I have friends that have admitted their “dumb” when it comes to mental illness,  their words not mine haha. Asked about treatments etc. I always tell people when I’m talking about Dude, I’m only talking about him, not your typical child or a child with their own set of needs, because he is unique in his own. When I share my opinion on certain things, bullying,  health I’m talking from years of first hand experience.  If diet and vitamin help your typical or high needs child, go or it, but it doesn’t cut it for Dude. We have a very tailored treatment plan for him, yes meds but as important weekly therapy, monthly physciatry appointments, We did 4 years of  twice weekly physio and ot.  We see a neurologist yearly. 
We started out with a pediatrician, but in my humble opinion,  they  are basically a gp for kids, so don’t have the specifics to treat complex mental health issues.  Can they treat mild depression, add etc? You bet but if it’s anymore than that I highly recommend a physciatrist, as that is their specialty.
The point of my sharing this is not try to  condone anything,  but try to share that We have put in our time figuring this stuff out.
No Dude can not eat certain things, yes he yet takes vitamin, but truly needs more.  I wish that wasnt the case but it is.
I love that my friends ask instead of assume, I love that they care enough to ask period!
As an exhausting week for his mom comes to an end, I am proud.
I am proud because he made it to school every day, I am proud because he made it to a class he hasn’t been to in months, I’m proud because he hung out with friends at lunch instead of isolating himself,  I’m proud because he battles on.


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