Who I am is who I want to be.


A little compassion goes a long way!
I’ll be honest I haven’t always been the most sympathetic, empathetic,  compassionate person, I’m probably still not sometimes. But I remember being a little girl always helping people, it made me happy! My parents would leave me with my grandparents (I loved these days, I have a huge soft spot for grandma’s and grandpa’s ), they’d leave me with some money to buy myself a treat when We took then Sunday trip to the city. I don’t think I ever bought myself something,  but my parents and grandparents always ended up with something ☺
In grade 9 I spent the summer with my grandparents and volunteered at the long term care center.  Best summer of my life!
I’m a giver. Saying I’m that doesn’t make me cocky does it? No I think it’s not such a bad thing to know who you are.
One of my biggest pet peeves, one thing I just don’t get because of my personality is people who throw themselves a continual pity party, yes We all have them some days, but most of us don’t enjoy that kind of party so much.
Believe it or not It’s not all about you, it’s not about me either, it’s about everybody!
I don’t think compassion only needs to be given in times of need.
I think compassion is as simple as a smile, as simple as being kind everyday. 
Trust me I’ve been burned because of who I am, but again I look at those Burns as that person’s burden not mine.
And I’d still take all of those Burns if it meant I am true to myself,  self secure but not self centered, assertive but not cruel,  and heck even a bit more mature than I thought I could be!
Just remember there’s more people than just you, It’s actually quite humbling.
Everyone of us has a different personality,  I suppose I need to accept that just because someone has a different one doesn’t mean I have to join theirs, but can still smile at them!
That’s the nice thing about being you, you get to choose ☺


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2 Responses to “Who I am is who I want to be.”

  1. Rydyn High Says:

    Gee, this looks like a reply to my post or a sister post… Blessings for being you.

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