Dear brain, please shut up!


Today I need help, help shutting up my brain!
I’m coming down from the adrenaline rush of the week that was last, of gathering more information than I thought I’d need to.
But dammit today I’m tired.
But hey I had a cookie because when Dude was on the manic side yesterday, I knew today was likely going to be a tough one, and I was right! See what learning does?! So I thought I deserved a cookies (OK maybe 6…).
I’ve learned some interesting things in this first week,  I’ve learned there’s links that I never thought of before,  such as dude’s struggles in gym are in fact quite normal for a kid with Bipolar,  interesting.
I’ve learned new found patience, when I didn’t know why these rapid moods were happening, We knew he had anxiety, depression, but bipolar really is a different playing field,  I found my self trying to “parent” the moods, trying to discipline for them even. Now knowing that does absolutely nothing,  it’s like parenting or disciplining for having a seizure, I feel much more calm. I know it’s not in my control, let alone his.
Does this mean We don’t talk about it, teach him to cope etc? Heck no! So far we’ve done a good job teaching him not to use his illnesses as an excuse and we’ll continue to do so. Even though it is a legitimate one, and those days We bend a little. I’ve spent alot of time talking to his sister about why he gets more stay home days, the best way I can explain it to a 10 year old is, just because you can’t see it, he’s sick and there’s just some days he really can’t do it. But trust me We try every single day!
I’ve learned the same things about his tics,  funny when you say tourettes people seem to empathize a bit more, I think because again it’s something We can see. Again I’ve had to remind myself not to get frustrated or nag him to stop. So far I think I’m doing pretty good. And trust much kid not to keep it simple,  but have about the most complex bp diagnosis; )
But you see that’s why I’m tired. Figuring this stuff out is exhausting, but like a friend said, you have a life time no need to cram it all in today,  she’s right it’s not going anywhere! Unfortunately I need to remember to slow this stupid brain down!
You see It’s Valentine’s week, which means insanity (in a good way) for a florist! Add to that a night meeting or 2 for the school and Dude, and a hubby away, well this mama may insert a coffee iv!
Bring on the crazy!


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