It is what it is


The whirlwind of a week is done! Little did I know it was a full moon to top it off!
I’m feeling like I haven’t seen my kids much, and had to create flowers in a bit of a fog.
The brain is a bit quieter,but not much!
I’ve had to accept a biggie this week, now I don’t really use/like the word normal or perfect, I’ve always told my kids they are the perfect them. How can something be normal or perfect when everyone and everything is different? I hate the blanket word.
But this week I’ve had to really accept dude’s “normal “. The easy,all good days are not his normal. Even good days have some intense,tough moments.
So I  accept it. What else can you do really? It’s who he is,and he’s the.perfect Dude.
I Also hate the word “fix” when it comes to our children.  You can help,encourage, teach them to cope,.etc. But they’re not a broken toy. A little glue won’t ‘fix” them. They are Not broken!
If you know anything about mental illness you know there’s a few causes. When Dude was young his therapist broke them up for me.
He said,
1. I have patients that have gone through a trauma,who need to work through that.
2. I have patients who just need a few sessions to get through something.
3. And I have a few “lifers “. Kids that haven’t had anything in particular happen but will be needing our services
And of course many of #3 have a chemical imbalance and or genetics play a factor.
Guess which one Dude fits into?
Is having mixed state Bipolar with anxiety disorder, panic disorder and a few more chucked in for good measure awesome? Of course not, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone (OK maybe a few just for a couple days though so they could have a clue 😉 does accepting make things easier? In some ways (like my patience ) yes.  On the heart strings, no.
So is Dude perfect? Yup
Is he normal? You betcha
Does he need to be fixed? Shut up!
If he’s gonna be a lifer, then that makes us lifers too.


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