Family, more than just a word.


Today We celebrate family day. So I thought I would dedicate a post to my incredible family!
I grew up with a brother I idolized, a father who taught me strength and a mother that taught me grace.
We were and continue to be a close knit group, 2nd cousins are like first, there’s no great in aunts and uncle’s.  We grew up close to our cousin s and aunt’s and uncle’s, they all continue to be a huge part of my life.
I was extremely close to my grandparents, they were my best friends  my most fierce supporters and truly taught me what to love un conditionally was. When I was young there was nothing better than cresting the hill to the town they lived, I spent many holidays with them, and as I grew up knew I would move to their home town. I did, with my own little family in tow, and though my hero (grandpa) had passed, spending the last few years with my grandma with my own children in tow was the biggest blessing I could have given them. My  daughter built a bond with my grandma that even now that she’s passed remains.  My grandma taught me more than a post can take. But above all she taught me to be a fierce mother!

As my brother and I grew so did our family.  Of course I had to beat him at something and that was marriage. Yup I was young, but upon seeing my husband I told my boss he would be my husband, when you know you know: )
statistically We shouldn’t still be together, We married young,had kids young,struggled financially, and have not had an easy journey with Dude. But here We are, stronger than ever. Loving and laughing as We raise two truly unique amazing kids. I never liked listening to others much, and this time it paid off!
His family accepted me as is. And have truly been my second family.  They support and love us, We laugh,We cry and no matter what I know I am their daughter:)
I always wanted a sister, and since my parents wouldn’t cooperate it was up to my brother to give me one. That he did, and he out did himself.  On our journey my sister in law has constantly been the friend/sister I need. The first person I call or text with news, after my hubby of course. She’s let me rant, let me cry,let me laugh.  She’s raising two empathetic, amazing young men. My brother has come out of the wood work as a patient calm uncle who takes the time to talk to Dude about his interests, and always surprises me with the compassion he shows.
Though my hubby’s brother and family are across the country they to hold a special spot in the hearts of my kids and myself.
Without family We really have nothing.
I am so very lucky that not only are all my cousins and aunts and uncles my family, but some of my very best friends.
I believe family sticks together, I believe in supporting family. I am incredibly fortunate my family feels the same. They truly are my ship when the waves are to big. They learn all they can about dude’s illness and support and love us through it all.
They show endless compassion, empathy,and love as We trudge through the forest that is mental illness and parenting.
Thank together doesn’t cut it for this family of mine. and I’m kinda glad they’re stuck with me: )
“All because two people fell in love”


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