Be the change.


I Love pink shirt days, anti bullying days etc. But I think we almost need a shift in our thinking.  Anti bullying needs to be everyday, a way of life per say. We ourselves need to be the change we want to see in the children. Statistically these specific days increase bullying on said days. To me it all stems back to acceptance, kindness and compassion.
I reflect on these days on how much dude has endured. 
I still see a child with the lasting effects of bullying. Yes he is sensitive, yes he has mental illness. No that doesn’t give people the right to treat him the way he was treated. I understand kids will be kids etc. But what he endured was far beyond that.
And what stings more than the kids, are the adults that played such a vital role in us almost loosing him at 9 years old.
The ones that turned a blind eye. The ones that at times joined in the mocking of a child, the ones that out right bullied me as a parent.
Play ground politics is a normal part of growing up, learning to deal with confrontation etc. Play ground politics does not put a child in hospital with ptsd!
Play ground politics or kids being kids does not have so many young lives being lost. No those are lost due to bullying. Repetitive behavior. 
I wonder if we as adults went to work everyday or even out and about.  Instead of being greeted with hello by fellow adults were greeted with “fag”, “fatty “,”idiot “, “retard” “mental “. And  Every time we went to take a seat our chair was pulled from under us, while we walked down the hall or street we were shoved, tripped and hit. Would you keep going back, without feeling anything and go home with a smile and say “people just being people ”  ? No I didn’t think so. You’d a)quit or b)fight back, stand up or c ) a & b then just give up.
That is only one small example I can give into the glimpse of what a child goes through.
As parents we do our best to teach our kids to walk away, be the bigger person, not realizing how hard that is.
The general assumption is that people who bully are suffering at home and/or from low self esteem. 
Studies now are showing this is not the case for most (yes some but not the majority ) infant they show the opposite,  these people have an over abundance of self esteem and a false sense of entitlement.  Interesting indeed.
The brutal truth is like dude there’s so many kids and adults still carrying these very real wounds within. Some heal faster than others, some never heal.
We need to step back and instead of most labeling bullying behavior (not repetitive ) as bullying, calling your typical disagreement or single name calling bullying can give a complete over use of the word and desensitize the severity that bullying is.
We need to admit that this really truly happens, and has very horrible outcomes weather a life is lost or not.
We ourselves need to and teach our children from toddler Hood that not liking or disagreeing with someone does not give us/them the right to be cruel.
We need to accept differences (yes that’s hard) we need to teach and show empathy. We need to be the change.


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  1. chroniclemecom Says:

    Great post. Thank you for sharing!

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