Generation gap.


So here’s the thing, we live in the year 2014. We are no longer in the 60’s,70’s or 80’s.
Obviously those years have passed. I’ve learned as a parent kids will rise to whatever bar you set (most of the time), praise them and they’ll continue to do what earned that praise, tell them they’re bad little people, they’ll continue to be bad little people!
I’ve seen so many cartoons, posts, etc saying things like “when I was a kid I was spanked, it taught me respect”, “when I was a kid I played outside”,  “way to much time spent on computers ” those sort of things. And yup they’re true, those were good times! Well minus the spanking I never enjoyed that, but unfortunately we’re not in “our days” anymore.
I’m not saying I’m yay or nay for spanking, and I personally long for a simpler way of life, like horse and buggy simple. Ya I was born in the wrong era. I’m not saying hey let your kids sit in front of a screen all day eating popcorn. That’s not what I’m saying at all.
But it’s easy to judge the next generation and their hobbies, their lack of respect, their entitlement issues (yes yes I know trust me there are some kids with said things, but let’s be honest there’s plenty of adults too). Their lack of get up and go, motivation, yadda yadda yadda, but it’s our job as parents to set those standards, raise those bars! Its not the years fault, its not the computers fault, its not the lack of spankings fault. It’s our job as parents to teach them work ethic, responsibility, respect and acceptance. Society is a little rocky for sure right now, but we can only really change us and hope a trickle effect happens. We had these children, its our responsibility to raise and nurture them, to be involved, not just shrug our shoulder’s and walk away to let them do what they want cause its easier then pissing off your kid and having to have a fight, maybe take something away and listen to the madness, its our job to set those boundaries and raise those bars!
When these young people see those sorts of posts come across their screen, that’s gotta make them feel a bit defensive. Like well I guess why even try, apparently we’re all lazy, self righteous brats anyway. No generation is better than the next. Well ok  my grandparents generation pretty much rocked. We were all young once, we all screwed up, we all did things the generation before us questioned and rolled their eyes at. Just because things are different doesn’t make them horrible!
Think about the good things that have changed. We’re no longer riding in the back seat bouncing and jumping around. We’re now aware the alcohol and driving means disaster. We can drive to the next town. We can get medicine and food on a whim. We can talk to and see our friends by the flick of a button.
Yes we survived our childhoods, and so will our kids. My point is computers, cell phones,and tablets don’t make them who they are. That being said I’m gonna say right now I don’t agree with said things being used 24/7, and not age appropriately. I’m not saying allow technology to take the place of real human interaction, that’s not my point. Its our job as parents to help them become the best person they can be, kids have their own personality from birth but its our job to teach and guide them. Don’t like the way the next generation is? Just remember our parents generation probably wasn’t to fond of ours either 😉 


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