Words, think about them.


You know what?  I’m mad, OK I’m pissed right off. What year do we live in again?!  i seriously had no idea that this word was still even a general issue.
The r word. A word that every time my son hears (along with a few others) causes instant pain. But I didn’t know how lacks a daisy so many people still were with it as not just a word used to hurt, but as a general word in their vocabulary. So here we are when so many have stood up and faught hard to put an end (rightfully so) to so many horrible hurtful words used time describe races, sexual orientation etc. But this is still OK? I bet you wouldn’t just drop when someone messed up or acted a bit different “what a n*&%$# ” , even typing that with symbols made my stomach lurch.
Guess what world? The r word hurts. Those asking for you to stop using the word, Ya they get it, they do hurt and feel just the same as us all, and that guy down the street of a different race, and that ladies whose son left the world because he was sick of the words used to describe him. People with disabilities are no different from us, they cry, they laugh, they hurt, they bleed. And yes they have a voice, and yes they should be respected and listened to!
Yes yes I know there’s people out there that still use this slur or that
Yes I know some people dont find anything wrong with any of the mentioned words. Yes I know people will disagree. Yes I know some will say it depends on the context used. Bull! Words hurt, infant words kill, specific ones hurt no matter the context. 
Words are the most powerful tool we have, so Ya it may just be this mom’s opinion, but it’s high time we realize that some words used in the past have no valid use in our current vocabulary!


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