Dear parents


Dear fellow special needs parents,
1. Forgive yourself: this is a tough one. But we are human, we become frustrated, angry and lost. We make mistakes, every single day. Don’t be so hard on yourself! 
2. Let things slide:  all the crap you see on social media that most people scroll on by, will hurt your feelings, make you question people. They sting. Said things aren’t meant to hurt us. I will stand up and speak up if it’s offensive.  But I am working on letting it go. People can’t help ignorance in this if they have not been there. Let it slide,( and if you’re like me post something supporting compassion)
3. Accept: accept that this is your life.  Accepting what is will truly set you free.
4. Educate: most importantly yourself. But also your child’s, peers, educator’s and people in general.
5. Push: be it for answers, your child themselves or you.  Try really hard to teach your child that yes they have —— but give them the support and guidance to realize their full potential, whatever that may be.
6. Walk away: sometimes when going through crisis (unique to us all) we learn pretty quickly who is there and who is not. It’s actually surprising at times and hard.  But walk away gracefully from those who don’t appear to care or try to understand. Friendship works two ways. If you’re the one always making the effort or your feeling judged,etc. Walk away.
7. Love: love your child, love your friends, your family and yourself.
8. Find peace: peace comes with acceptance,  but it also comes with a 20 min bubble bath.  Finding a peaceful moment in a day can be difficult, take time for you and have that moment. 
With Love and hope!

Dear parents,
As a parent of a special needs child you should know,
1. We’re not selfish:  if your child had a special need, a physical or mental disorder you would ask the same things. We’re not asking for special treatment , we’re asking that our child can have as many typical childhood experiences as possible. That’s not unreasonable.
2. Don’t judge: human nature is to ask why. Ask! I know I would tell you. Don’t judge how we parent. There’s a reason we parent the way we do. A spanking, a lecture, grounding, etc. May not work for our kiddos as they do for others. My child is not spoiled, self righteous or intentionally mean. My child has bipolar, anxiety and panic, so the tears.and yelling  may not be what you assume. Don’t judge these kids. You truly don’t know what they’re going through especially since many appear just fine.
3. Teach: teach your children compassion, empathy, acceptance and kindness.  Teach them everyone is unique.  Teach them though they may not always like something or someone they don’t have the right to be cruel.
4. Ask: don’t understand? That’s fine, and actually good because that means you haven’t had to experience it. But don’t assume. Most special needs parents will gladly explain their situation. There’s no shame in asking. Opposite actually it shows that you’re caring enough to try and understand.
5. Thank you: to those parents that don’t necessarily walk these roads but treat our children with grace, and respect. And for your children who do the same. 
With Peace.


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