Offended I am. Voice I will speak.

OK. I’m super sensitive to things like this picture.


I know I know it’s not meant to offend, I know I need thicker skin, blah blah blah.
But here’s my reason for being offended.
I’m not full of shit. Do people really think I happily took the diagnosis my son lives with?  Do they think it’s awesome?  Wanna try it for a day? Your more than welcome to, have at er and then tell me it’s just hormones or being a loner. And while your at it let me know how fun it is to console him one minute,  try and calm  next, laugh at his insane hyperness the next, oh watch out better ground him because he’s getting angry,  oh hold that thought hug now.needs a hug, shit put away all sharp objects stat!
Ya let me know how that goes for ya. Tell me exactly how it’s typical. Please I beg you!
No really I do, because you have no idea how grateful I would be to be told he’s just a typical, maybe a bit shy kid.
What I wouldn’t give to not watch my child battle himself every single day to keep afloat.
What I wouldnt give to see him smile, truly smile without hiding pain.
I get offended because things like this make me as a parent of a bipolar, anxiety riddled child, attacked. It makes me feel like people think these things are not reality. Like we choose to label our children. Like i am a horrible mother for allowing my child to be diagnosed with a disease that is legit. So when your child is diagnosed with diabetes, just wait it out, I’m sure they’ll outgrow it if you just wait, take them outside to play and change their diet.
Yes OK, some children are not diagnosed correctly.  Yes some are just quirky kids. And yup you bet theres not so great doctors that pill push and jump the gun.But guess what folks, some really do suffer. So blanket statements like this hurt not only parents but can you imagine how bad this would make a child feel to see this? Ya most would tell their parents we were wrong, they don’t need treatment, cause see this picture says it’s a phase.  Ya nice, that could very well spiral into fighting treatment which could very well turn into my child dying, and that folks is our reality.
I try really hard in life not to blanket or generalize for these reasons.
As a little note I should point out just how complicated diagnosing bipolar is. It’s not a simple test like some others.  It also is seldom  diagnosed in children.
So while you deal with your “hormones ” and “daydreamers ” I’ll be busy trying my damndest to keep my kid stable and alive,  but thanks for your opinion.


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