Blessed by bipolar!?


Yup we’re blessed with a child with ultra ultra rapid mixed state bipolar.  Yes the diagnosis is new, but the journey is not. A 7 year road in fact. We’ve grieved our loss of a typical, happy child. But we’ve celebrated the boy we have. A kind, old soul. With empathy and caring beyond imagine. 
I’d say there’s hard days, but we don’t measure in days we measure in moments. And though it’s insanely exhausting to keep up with the cycles, even when things are stable,  we’ve been blessed with so many lessons, and a boy we love without and beyond measure.
Bipolar has blessed us.
It’s taught me  open mindedness.
It’s given me to cast  less judgement.
It’s taught me to be present, in the moment.
It’s taught me  to accept the uniqueness that is each of us.
It’s taught me  patience and understanding, even when I  don’t think I  have any left.
It’s taught me how hard the world really is.
Yet taught me  how wonderful it is.
It’s taught me  to stand tall, and stand up.
It’s taught me  that I’m stronger then i ever thought.
It’s taught me  unity.
It’s taught me  unconditional love, the good the bad and the ugly.
And that often that love is felt more in the latter.
It’s taught me I have a voice, that I am my sons voice.
It’s taught me about every corner of the brain.
It’s taught me to teach.
It’s taught me to fight for what’s right and for my child.
It’s taught me it’s OK to just say No.
It’s taught me parenting is damn hard, harder to parent a bipolar child, harder than i even thought possible. And that we’re a minority group of parents, with not many able to truly understand
But the rewards are beyond imaginable.
It’s taught me to question, and gracefully communicate.
It’s taught me that the road less traveled is often necessary.
It’s taught me the littlest things truly do matter.
It’s taught me to celebrate these things.
It’s taught me that my child is stronger than anyone I know. Braver than any adult I’ve met.
It’s taught me life is short. We don’t know how.long we have them, so hold them tight.
Say I love you as often as you can and listen not just with your ears, but your heart.
Here’s to the first ever world wide bipolar day.
Be kind.


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