Good week /bad week, just a week!


It seems to me we often get caught up in the “big ” stuff.  The bills, the grades,the winning, the fancy stuff.
One big thing having a bipolar child has taught me, is to celebrate even the littlest of things.
Our days are full of exhausting cycles, we tend to not stay in one often, so we sometimes forget the big, small moments of success.
But I am remembering now!
With brighter skies,leveled meds,some changes at school Dude has had an unbelievably successful week! School every day,in all classes, stable moods,humor even.
These days are huge as anyone in the trenches can attest to.
I am fully aware that I need time embrace and celebrate this when it happens, because God knows it’s sure to change!
This week has sent this mama for a loop though! As I tend to live on adrenaline, and had myself a crash this week.
I was exhausted, and I mean fall on my face tired, I felt like crap, and out of no where my anxiety was sky high! I struggle with a bit of anxiety, but this was ridiculous, and scary.  Silver lining, I know now just how Dude feels, how he does it every day, I’m in Awe of his strength . Running a business, being a Mom and wife, not so fun when your crashing.  Needless to say off I went to the doc. As I’m sure my hubby wanted to send me away. Here’s what she said…
For months I’ve been wrapped up in Dude, my adrenaline has been on over drive. She compared it to caring for a cancer patient and once their well or pass the care giver crashes.  The adrenaline settles,the body sighs, and you have time to think about yourself.
I was pretty sure I knew this, but sometimes you need that reassuring.
I was a little pissed off, because as Dude was soaring and I was crashing.  I was mad at myself for not basking in the glory per say.
With great friends and family I’ve come out the other side if my crash,and I’ve learned sometimes us parents need to give ourselves a break!
We need to slow ourselves down, and remember the little things are the things that get us to the big things.


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