Dear Mom

Dear Struggling  Mom,
I see you struggling, I hear your tears,I feel your frustration.
I’m here to tell you, you are not alone.
There are times in life when our hugs aren’t enough. When are word’s simply won’t fix things.
There are times you’ll feel judged, gossiped about, and all alone.
There are times you know at your core things are to big, but I know your fear.
I know how painful it is. I know how scary it is to ask for help.
But you are a mother, and you will do all you can to protect and help your child.
There’s no shame.
There’s no need for others to judge, and if they do, you truly don’t need them.
After 12 years of being a mother to a unique child with a gambit of his own disorders, I’ve learned a few things. And some of the lessons have been harder than anything I’ve faced. Here’s a few things I’ve learned:
1. It’s not about me. Is it hard?  It’s harder than anything, but don’t worry about what others will say about you or your parenting.  There’s days my heart breaks for my son, but honestly I have yet to feel bad for myself.  He is my child, and it’s him I hurt for.
2. Get help if you need it.  There is absolutely no shame in therapy,  talking to friends and family and getting support! Not only for your child but for yourself!
3. Patience.  God knows you’ll need it. When we as mother’s can’t fix something we want to know answer’s and reasons right now! It’s taken six years for my son’s final (and biggest ) puzzle piece to come to light. The first thing’s, second thing’s, he’ll the tenth things tried don’t always work. And it sucks not knowing the whys, but there’s a good chance you never will. Have patience with the system, your child and yourself!
You are stronger than you think.
You are braver than anyone knows.
You are wiser  than you feel.
You are more exhausted than you let on.
You are incredible.
You are beautiful.
You are mom!

With all the love and support,
A bipolar, SPD, GAD, OCD, DCD



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