Not just a trend!


Ah yes trends and fads in the world of health care. Remember when everyone one you knew was diagnosed with add?  More recently how almost everyone second person you talk to can’t eat this or that?
A recent blog I read on bipolar went in the trendy diagnosis direction (and disproving that idea).  So I feel it only fitting I share my view. Though having a child diagnosed with bipolar, let alone the complex form of it dude has is still NOT common, I think I  have a pretty fair handle on this part of our world.
Here’s my thought, and bare with me…
It’s not a fad, It’s not a trend!
I can remember a conversation with my grandparents about cancer. In their early years the diagnosis of cancer was almost non existent!  As they aged and science continued to progress forward, so did the word cancer.
Remember every illness at one point was new.
My thought is that as we learn more, we treat more.
Now mental health has sat in the back corner for far to long in my opinion.  It’s taken a back seat to physical illness and new methods and education in that field.
Mental health is finally coming into it’s own shall we say.
The prejudices and stigmas are starting to fade, albeit not fast enough,  so head way is being made in diagnoses and treatment of mental illness. Though it is extremely tricky, because each and every case is different! Under each umbrella is a handful of types and under each type are people, and as with anything involving the brain no two are alike.
So though it may appear more and more people are being diagnosed, that does not necessarily mean they are being over or mis diagnosed.
It means, in my mind anyway,  that people are seeking help, people are finally Thank God getting help. For things that so many have suffered in silence with for decade’s.
It means that lives are being saved.
Yes like with anything, there are those that jump on wagons.  There’s doctors that treat the wrong thing, hence why in my question it’s so important to have these diagnosis and treatments over seen by specialists in the field. Yes there’s those who jump the gun. But that’s not the norm.
And here’s the other reason I don’t believe it’s just a trend.
We live it. Every. Single. Day.
As a person who has a gluten allergy lives that life daily, and the reality of it. We live bipolar every day. As they have to be so careful, so they stay healthy and can function,  so do those with mental illness. 
Bipolar is chronic.  It’s not going away. We find things that work to lessen the symptoms, but it’s not going anywhere!
If you were to spend a couple days with dude, you wouldn’t question this trend question!
You would walk away with a whole new opinion.  You would learn what it is like to walk this path.
You would have your eyes open to a whole new world!
And you would walk away most.likely not question the reality of it.
The thing is as life marches on, and mental health continues to gain ground, new things will pop up. It doesn’t mean they’re not legit, and Oh so real.


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