Mother’s day. The gifts we’re given.


*Warning this post written by a florist Mom during mother’s day. Where’s my damn coffee?! *
Mother’s don’t expect praise,gifts and all sorts of jazz.  That’s not why we’re mother’s.
It’s nice to have a day though to thank our mom’s for all they’ve done for us.  And we love and keep all the things our angels give us.But I really feel like my kids have given me more than I have them. I think all mom’s feel this way: )
Here’s my list of thing’s I’ve been given: 
1.  Pain. Lots of pain. A baby belly isn’t all that comfortable. Labor ain’t that nice. Toddlers biting, babies pulling hair, ya kinda hurts. Giving them trouble, then watching them sleep, pulls on  your heart strings,.Yup you’ll cry, alot! Heartaches and heart breaks. Their pain is your pain. You thought your first fight with a friend, or first break up sucked?!  Just wait!
2. Nerves (and stomach’s ) of steel. Good lord. The puke,the diapers, the snot. Never ever did I ever think I would have to deal with so much! And yes I still suck at it. Watching the first bike ride,the first fall,the first shiner, stitches and broken bone. The needles, the hospitals. Pretty sure our nerves are shot by the time their 4! No wonder we have to color our hair!
3. Fatigue.  Let’s see we start with a max of 4 hours a night for a solid few months.  Followed by many,many years of up and down all night. Every night. Then we chauffeur, cook,clean, at least 3 times a day. Every. Single. Day. Throw in a a job (full time, part time, at home, out of home ) and you count your lucky stars the kids like kd some nights!  Oh and no no you don’t sleep until their home, in bed and asleep (I’m thinking this should last a solid 18 years ).
4. Disaster .  Oh yes,  mama’s get disaster in any way shape or form .  Anything from a Lego filled floor, to science concoctions on the table all the way to sibling world wars to world’s worst mom, cause God forbid you should ask them to wear clothing, brush their teeth, or the ever dreaded bedtime! Yes that my friends is disaster! And it’s usually our fault!!
5. Strength.  Hell hath no fury like a mama!!  Physical,mental and emotinal strength like no other, we possess that.  We pack more in our arms in a day, then heman did in his whole series. Ya ya we cry,we yell,we loose our minds, but you won’t see that!  We put wonder woman to shame.  Scaling walls,and flying have nothing on us.  We take on the world from the moment our babes are born!
To all you super mom’s, do what you do. Love those kids. Cherish those moments, each and every one.
Flowers are nice, chocolate, sleeping in and rocks and paintings are awesome.  But everyday moments are the best gift of all!


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