Stop growing dammit!


OK I can’t be the only one. I am hating my children grow up!!
Dude will be 13 in a just 2 months, and the adorable little sister of his, well I took a picture yesterday and apparently she’s not so little anymore!  I’m toast!
I was a younger mom so many of my friends have little darlings 5 and under, and as I watch them, I can’t help but miss those days!
I am not ready for a teenager dammit! Let alone two in a couple years!
Rewind. Now! 
I want to be able to cuddle them. I want mommy hugs to fix everything.  I want to tuck them in! I  miss the days of playgrounds, of story books, and toys!

Most of all I miss the time.

Not saying that I don’t love the young people they are becoming.  They are kind, caring,empathetic and genuine.  But do they have to do it so fast??

Yes we’ve battled long and hard with dude, that’s not about to change.  Yup we’ve got a little spitfire whose be herself and a stubborn self at that since day one!
But I wouldn’t change a thing!
We’ve had our share of blood, sweat and tears. But God we’ve had so much more! The bonds, the laughter, the hugs, and the fun.

We’ve become the family I always dreamed of having.  We’ve done our time our time of sleepless nights, hospital stays, tests, tests and more tests.  We’ve changed those diapers, we’ve wiped those noses. Heck in those cases I guess growing up isn’t so bad!

But we didn’t get to where we are over night!  This growing up thing seems to happen without you even noticing! I think that’s a nasty trick to play on parents! Not nice at all!

So folks with little ones, I’m not kidding when I tell you, cherish every moment of them being where they are. Right. Now.
Enjoy the wonderful.
But also enjoy the hard, tough moments.  Not only will they not last forever, but you’ll probably laugh about them later. 

I believe our children are born with who they are. Work with their individual personality,  don’t try to cram them in a societal box. Teach them, and guide them, show them the way.
Love them.

Almost everything else in life will still be the same tomorrow,  but your children will not, they’ll be another day older.


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