Damn Google anyway ;)


This cartoon makes me laugh my ass off! And only because I’m an offender now in recovery!
DO NOT.  I repeat DO NOT do this!

First of all when dealing with children going through the process of being diagnosed with anything, Google can not diagnose them!!
Google is full of this, that and everything, it is wonderful in it’s own right, but you search a possible diagnosis and I guarantee you’re gonna find things in every article or check list that some what describes your child.  
Your going to take said evidence to heart,and quite possibly pre diagnose your child, and disagree with anyone who says different because they matched a bit of stuff.
SLOW DOWN!!  All in good time will the appropriate professionals have answer’s for you, but no it won’t be as quick as Google will give you the answer.
And possibly it will not match what you have found.
Disorders are complicated, complex,and most individual.  Google can not assess your child, meet and speak with all involved, and give treatment.
Googling prior can actually cause the process to take longer, and really who wants to wait longer than we do?!  That and it causes a lot of undo stress!

Twice I have been banned, literally the hubby disabled it from Google.
First when Dude was starting the whole process.  And only when his doctor gave us a diagnosis and credible sites to visit was I handed the Google card back. And I then used it with a vengeance! Because Yes then a)I knew what I was researching and b) I was allowed; )
The second time I was banned was when I was struggling myself, and Yup I was dying! I was having a heart attack, had cancer and hell some incurable, rare disease!
OK no I really wasn’t, but Google told me I was. In reality I was tired. And banned again, sheesh! 
So I laugh, but not really.  But mostly I’m a tad worried I’ll have Google banned again!


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