Damn poor excuse!


This cartoon came across my news feed the other day, and I thought hallefreakinglulah!! A simple cartoon that maybe, possibly might get through to some people!
I’ve talked, posted and shared for years just this. Mental health disorders are not all made up, not all in a persons head, and definitely not that easy!

It all comes back to seeing is believing.  And because people can’t see your inner workings of your brain, they either assume your full of crap, or that it’s not as bad as you think or as a physical pain or disease. Trust me I get it. One of my hardest struggles with dude was not seeing it. If he was bleeding, coughing etc I knew what to do.
So I suppose my struggle was not being able to see meant I couldn’t help heal.
I know this now not to be true. As with any chronic illness there are things those of us on the outside can do to help.   In my case it’s helping him maintain. In your case it may be something different,  but no matter what, chronic or not, depression, anxiety, bipolar, the whole gambit is just as real and scary (and potentially as life threatening ) as cancer, diabetes, and broken bones.
But we can help. And we as parents, families, friends and hell as a society need to do so!
It all takes time, and Yes a little frustration, a lot of patience, and even more compassion!

We need to first stop saying the things in the cartoon.  That in it self would be a huge success!

People suffering don’t need us to tell them to suck it up and move on. They don’t need us telling them it’s not that big of a deal. Do you not think they’d love for that to be true? It isn’t fun you know. 

Would you, really think about these questions, tell a cancer patient to suck it up?
Would you fight the doctor trying to tell you your loved one needed insulin to live? Or would you take the cast off your child’s arm as soon as you got home?

I doubt you would.

You would hold them. You would cry for their pain, and the unknown. You would do anything in your power to ease their pain. You would drive miles for appointments.  You would allow them sick days.  And days to just be. You would let them rest and re coup until they felt good enough to carry on. You would fundraise for cures.  You would move mountains to heal them or maintain their ideal health.  You would sympathize, and be there, not just for the patient but their loved one’s.
(I watched a video once and a mother was asked what’s the difference between your child being diagnosed with cancer and yours with (I think it was) depression? Her response,  casseroles.)
  Think about it.

If  we as parents, friends and society do all of the above for physical illness without question, why do we not do the same for mental illness?

Because we can’t see it? Think about all the other things you can’t physically see, yet believe.  I’m sorry, but having to see to believe is a damn poor excuse!


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