Simply today!


So here’s the thing. Every single child should be encouraged and rooted for.
Most moments I find myself celebrating, are those that many celebrated years ago.
Dude has a coordination disorder to top off his brain disorders, one would make athletics tough, both make it beyond tough.
Add to that the taunting, isolation and torment he went through early on when he even tried made for a child extremely reluctant to join in any sort of sport.

Last week he signed himself up for a couple track and field events.


OK well kudos to his teacher for sparking the fire. For showing him it’s not about winning but how you play the game!
Dude loves to be part of things. As does any child, and rightfully so. His friends welcome and encourage him to take part.  Even when he knows he’s not the best, they don’t care. They take him as he is, accept and encourage him. As far as they’re concerned he’s one of them, and that’s enough.

I remember when he was 6 or 7 being told to steer him away from team sport. Ya I didn’t listen.  If he wants to do it, we’ll cheer him on. And though he may not be the most athletic, he has the biggest heart, and no one cheers louder for their friends!

Every single child should be welcome to play. I’m not talking high level sport here,there’s a team or sport for everyone in my humble opinion, and being part of such can be an incredible assest to all children, be it manager, score keeper or player. There’s a place for everyone regardless of ability. It may not be the big leagues but it’s big to them.

As anyone with mental illness, dude tends to easily isolate  himself.  But he has peers that draw him out. Who today cheered him on, as he took part.
He has avoided these activities for quite some time, due to fear of the past and absolutely zero confidence.
He’s venturing outside of the comforts he’s locked himself in. For this I am so incredibly grateful.

Being the brutally honest person I am I struggled big time with his choice to par take.
I kept my mouth shut!
See he was attending a meet at a different school, with a ton of kids. Both huge fears, triggers and stresses for him. But I’m not about to tell my kid no when we’ve waited so long for this triumph!
Off he went, I  stirred and stressed all morning! And for nothing.

OK almost nothing.

You see my heart hurts. It hurts because though all the kids included him, and cheered him on,it’s hard to watch your child lined up, looking unsettled, scared,and completely out there all a lone, just wanting to be a part of it all, when you know just how a lone he feels. How no matter what, he’s almost at his breaking point of noise, people and pressure.

But see though my heart hurts at that, it more importantly bursts with pride. He’s  there! He’s doing the best he can, and hell even on par with the majority of kid’s! He’s joking with a group of kids he’s never met. He’s holding himself together so incredibly well. Only a few will understand just how hard that is!
So ya know what? Better late than never! 
The resilience, courage and persistentance my young man of 12 years displays on a regular basis continues to blow me away.
And though I know it could all change tomorrow, I’ve learned to simply celebrate today!


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