Dear teacher.


As the school year is closing, and I see smart ass teacher remarks, I figured it was time to write. I am the proud child of educators. I am the proud mother of two students. I have seen the worst of the worst,and the best of the best. This letter Is intended for the latter.

Dear teacher,

It’s June, and you’re crazy busy,exhausted, and worn out.
You’ve spent the last 10 months with countless children.  Making lots of noise!
You’ve stood at the front of the class,  but you’ve also sat with an individual as they’ve struggled. You’ve lost family time and sleep marking those countless papers.  But You’ve lost more worrying about a student.

You started the year off simply as Mrs or Mr —  But through the year you became a councillor ,a support and a mentor.
You’ve spent countless hour’s cheering your students on, while your own children missed you at their game.

You’ve been expected to fix things that really aren’t yours to fix. You still try to fix them though because you care.

You’ve been belittled, yelled at,and complained about. And sadly not by the students.
But you’re human.  You’re a spouse, a father a mother, a grandparent, and a child. Just because you stand in a classroom, doesn’t mean you have armor of steel. You hurt, you care and you love.
Not everyone sees that, but some of us do.

You’re an educator. You don’t simply teach children a subject.  You teach them life. You give them skills and confidence that lasts long outside the classroom.

We as parents trust you with the most precious gifts we have.  Our children. For some of us that’s very hard. But you take them, and guide them without question. You listen to our worries long after you should have gone home. You let us cry at their struggles, and celebrate their succesess along with us. Because they are your successes too!

You’ve spent roughly two thousand hours with our children this year in the classroom, probably another 100 hours working at home.  You won’t finish your school year at the same time as your students, and you’ll be back long before.

You say it’s your job. But it’s so much more. 

You’ve stuck it out, when most would walk away. You’ve well earned  your piddly wage,and your holidays. So enjoy it.
Enjoy the time with your loved one’s that have taken a back seat for 10 months. Enjoy not marking.  Enjoy sleeping past 6am. Enjoy supper. 

Enjoy the peace and quiet!

A grateful parent


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  1. bestkids Says:

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    In the last school night of the year it’s time to thank those who truly make a difference!

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