Speak up.


I don’t care if I influence one person or 1000! The truth is if I can make a small difference in even a single life that’s enough.

If every person tried to influence just one person in a positive way,  what a wonderful world it would be!
The sad part is is that so many are influenced by negative, and therefore stay in that mind set, and unfortunately pass that influence on instead of a good influence.

Hell the world is full of greatness.  But let’s be honest there’s a pile of negative.  And with social media and news those negative influences tend to be far more visible than the positives.
I stopped watching the news years ago. Watching it was watching all that was wrong with the world, and I tended to forget the good.

Yes we all have bad days! Shoot read this blog and you know i have my share! No I’m not ignoring reality.  In fact I’m pretty aware of reality.  But in life you prioritize what you can and can’t do, and that flows into where you spend your influencing energies.
We can’t all have the same passion or only one issue would ever be resolved.
Yours are different than mine.  That’s doesn’t mean mine aren’t important.  I run an anti bullying organization, and have had people scoff.  I promote mental health alot, and have I’m sure driven people crazy and had conversation behind my back.  Im not stupid.  I just don’t care anymore.  The people who scoff and talk have their own passions, and good for them .

Truth is our passions lie with things relevant and personal to us.
If you’ve never dealt with traumatic bullying or mental health disorders I don’t expect you to understand my passion to raise awareness for them . I’m not a bitch for saying that, I just don’t think people can grasp or understand what they don’t know.  And that’s OK. I know I don’t know much about certain things,  but I don’t question people that do and make them feel like their experiences are false or invalid.

So No I don’t care what people have to say anymore.  I don’t want to be an influence in the world by ignoring things I simply don’t understand.  I want to be an influence in the world by speaking my truth, weather you get it or not, weather you care or not. Because many people do care, and many people do want to understand what they don’t understand to make the world a better place for not just themselves but for others.

If we don’t speak up for the silent, who will?  So many people have a don’t see (or hear) doesn’t happen mentality.  That’s gonna get us far in this world in resolving and helping (insert major sarcasm ).

Just because I haven’t personally dealt with starvation, doesn’t mean it’s not a reality for so many people in this world!
We each have our own reality,  our own passions, and our own causes.

We need to influence the world (or that one person) with kindness and compassion.  Not with nit picking and questioning.  We need to respect that though we don’t know everything about everything, that that something is important to someone.  That that  something has changed someone’s life,and influenced them more than people know. 
So take that something and go!
Be visible, and vocal, and passionate.  Go out and make a difference No matter how small it is.
Go out and influence that one person with even just a smile!


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