No need to justify!


I can not be the only person who wonders why we must feel like we need to justify ourselves?!
No I’m not talking about always. Because in life there really are things that need to be in order to be done.
I mean every day life things.
I’m an over justifier, I think it has to do with wanting to please others and avoid confrontation. But many a time my husband will say “you don’t have to explain “.
Why do I justify every little thing? Why I do what I do, why I parent the way I do, why I don’t do this or that. I have legit reasons for almost all of the things I choose to do in work and family and life.
But why do I try and justify to those that really don’t deserve or need a reason?
It’s not up to anyone else to make decisions in my life except myself. Period.
I’ve had a few conversations recently where the topic has come up. I see it constantly on line, heck I do it A LOT! 
Here’s the thing. I’m going to do and believe what I do and believe, as should you and everyone else (within reason of course! ). It is not my place to expect you to justify to me why you smoke, drink, do yoga, eat this, and not that.
Nor is it your place to expect me to justify myself and my actions.
You are doing what you feel is right,  you don’t owe me an explanation as to why you’re not doing something.  Your No, I can’t answer should be taken as that. 
As should mine.  We all have our reasons.
And quite frankly it’s No one’s place to question us (again within reason, obviously there’s time’s we/you must justify ourselves /yourselves ).
We each do the best we can. And that’s enough!
I am really getting sick and tired of other’s throwing their two cents into other people’s lives.
She owes you No apology or justification for nursing or not.  He owes you neither for his size.  I owe you none for smoking. 
Why the heck does there always have to be a side?!
How about we erase the lines?
How about we stop expecting and giving justification for everything we do and simply enjoy and embrace ourselves and our decisions?
How about we stop and just say, Hey they might not do it the way I would but if it works good on ’em?
How about we just worry about ourselves??


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