Drop that card!


I screw up, I apologize! Hell I’m Canadian, I apologize for walking into a door!
My kids screw up, they catch the wrath of mom and Dad. 
And they apologize for walking into a door.
Dude has a mixed bag of mental health diagnosis under his 12 year old belt. New to this blog?  The main one is rapid cycling mixed state bipolar.  So are his errs handled differently? You bet they are. Are they handled? Most definitely! Even though many don’t see them being handled because the cycle has to pass in order for him to rationally discuss. We try to teach our children that actions have consequences, that other people (and their feelings ) are just as valid and important as theirs.

A huge misconception in society, Thanks you media, Thank you easy out defence lawyers, is those with mental health issues don’t know right from wrong, are a harm to other’s.  BULL! OK not complete bull, because there are illnesses or cycles within illnesses that people don’t think rationally.  Are these the norm? Not likely. 
More likely they are only a harm to themselves.  I know many, and truthfully I’m more prone to hurt someone than they are, because they tend to care so deeply about others because they know what pain is.
And more likely, even when something is done in an irrational state, they acknowledge the mis step and make amends after.
*I am obviously not speaking of major criminal activity here*
The truth of the matter is, some simply need help, and mis steps are a cry for help.
Does that mean bypass all judicial laws and live without consequence? Not in my opinion.
When Dude for example has hurt (never physical ) someone while in a rage or depressed state, when that state has passed we calmly discuss it and make a plan to make amends.  He apologizes (usually more than necessary, even to the door  ) .
So should an adult. 
Is mental illness an excuse?
That’s not a simple yes or No question.
Yes it can cause non  typical behavior and actions.
But yes they should still be held accountable.
Even if that means mandatory treatment.
Of course how they are held accountable should and will differ from the “normal “. As it should.  These people suffer greatly, and in many cases harm is not intentional,  if it is that’s a whole different ball game!!
But should they be held accountable? Absolutely!
I as a parent of a child who suffers and who has suffered myself in the past, am so incredibly sick of two things.
1. The stigma that mental illness sufferers are harmful and scary. High time people understood just how many different illnesses there are. And how each person with each illness is completely unique.  No two brains are the same. Period.  And to lump them all into one narrow box is beyond ignorant.
2. Throwing out mental illness as an excuse to get away with thing’s.  It’s far to easy to drop the mental health card to be held less accountable for actions.  To often this card is played in our courts,  to often are people not held accountable for their actions by playing this card.
No wonder we have number one!
Again I apologize if I’ve offended, and yes to the door I just walked into!


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