If you can’t laugh at yourself


We all have those days. You know the good for nothing, could anything else go wrong very bad days!
You know the one’s where your espresso machine decides to make coffee all night flooding your business kitchen, so while you should be creating beautiful arrangements of flower’s for a funeral, your wearing Barbie rubber boots, pitching anything you pick up, the cloud above your head full of not so nice words, your pants rolled up, your white shirt full of espresso grounds, and please dont let any customers come in!
Then you get a text,  the fishing boat sunk in the lovely storm, a trees on the cabin and Oh a tree’s down on the drive way we’ll have to hike in the down pour into the house.  The day’s your bi polar child is as unsettled as the weather, when you seem to break every vase you try to use.  For f$#! Sake the dogs crapped on the floor.  Oh yes and the pieces your creating  just don’t want to come together . 
So that cloud is fuller of those not so nice words. When finally the days finished you trek through the storm and actually enjoy puddle jumping in your Barbie boots with said out of sorts child.  And you laugh!
Until you see a few more trees and enter the warmth of the house to yup the other dog crapped on the floor!
Just one of them days you tell yourself. And you remember a few things:
1. Breathe, just keep breathing! But not through your nose at this point!
2. Random ridiculousness.  I don’t care if it’s not even a word.  The amount of randomness makes it valid.  And…
3. All you can do is laugh! Even when my cloud was full of f bombs and I’m sure smoking red, I laughed. Because it was just plain and simple one of them days. No one was hurt, $5000 coffee machine is still working, I laughed with my kid, and hell the flower’s even seemed to come together! They say talk to your flower’s, and I’ll have you know it works,even if your cussing at them!
If you can’t laugh at yourself…



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