So today my little spitfire is riding her first dressage horse show.
Don’t ask me to explain, I have no idea. All I know is in the last 2 months with the help of mama m and Nana my girl has gone from an unsure, never ever gonna ride English rider to a confident, impressive one! As she was full of nerves while polishing her boots this morning I told her, it’s not about how well you do, it’s about doing it!
Those words got me reflecting.  I’m the opposite of a risk taker! And often I watch my young 10 year old in a world of unknowns, step in and raise hell doing it.
She amazes me! She is extremely inpatient and hard on herself.  Her temper flares when she’s not perfect right now! But she doesn’t quit (I always did of it didn’t come easy; )) she is a force to be reckoned with, a young girls with a mind of her own. Determination and grit like no one I know.  She drives me crazy a lot. But I know these qualities will serve her well.
She is utterly and completely her. And she could care less what other’s think.
It took me 33 years to accept what she has in 10!
I had someone say to me, she has a good role model.  I laughed it off, made a joke and carried on.  Because i don’t think of myself as that. I’m just mom, and I definitely don’t show horses! And again I do not take risks!
Then I sat this morning and thought.  I guess I have passed on the determination, stubborn general.  When I want to do something I’m gonna do it.  I guess without determination I wouldn’t have a full fledged business.  I wouldn’t have taught myself from scratch to be a florist.  I wouldn’t have gotten results for dude. I would probably still be taking orders from someone else, have not the best treatments for my son. And pretty miserable children.
So Yes I suppose she gets it from me. Though I wish at 10, I knew what she does!
Determination has brought me to a place o never thought I would be. It has made me the mother I am. The businesswoman I am. And the wife I am.
Giving up is ever an option. And if you ask anyone that knows us, Yes around here it’s maybe just a little bit of like mother like daughter!


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