Tomorrow, you just never know


I typically don’t join the hype when a celebrity passes.  But the loss of a legend is a bit different. And the reason for his passing more so.
A sad day for everyone when a life is lost that created so much joy.
But a reminder that you truly never know.
His family knew. And as any family in the trenches of mental illnesses knows, it’s a life threatening condition. One battled hard every day.
So today my heart hurts for his family.
If you are in the trenches, either yourself or a loved one,  you know the battle. You know the pain,  the struggle, the heartache to just keep going.
Help doesn’t always help. To just tell someone to suck it up makes it worse.
Sometimes there’s not a damn thing you can do,  but hope it passes and they’re with us tomorrow.
My hope is loosing such a visible, loved person won’t be in vain.
That next week the support and outpouring of understanding for those battling won’t stop when the shock wears off.
I love and appreciate the tweets and posts flying around today supporting mental health, but will they continue?
Probably not, but I hope the thoughts remain.
For those in the trenches will still be in the mud.
And the family of the beloved actor will still be remembering.
Life will go on,  as it always does, but the pain of the loss of loved ones all over the world to suicide will always remain.
It sucks. Period.
But let’s remember the laughter. The joy. And the good.
Because tomorrow, you just never know.

*if you or someone you know is at a point of loss, please contact someone. There is no shame. Saving a life is never a waste,*


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2 Responses to “Tomorrow, you just never know”

  1. Erik Conover Says:

    Rest in Peace to a man who made the whole world smile. Thank you for sharing this.

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