Don’t tell my kids…


Don’t tell my kids  but I hate school more as a parent than as a kid.
I don’t care how frilly and froo frooed they make the damn commercials. I hate it.
Ya ya I know education is important, hence why my kids can’t know how I feel. For 10 months out of 12 I lie.

I fight with my high needs kid every morning. The stress almost every morning leaves me exhausted and close to if not in tears. 
For 4 years I was up against daily bs, and it quite frankly made me hate school even more.
Though those years are gone,  getting him there and managing cycles in a stressful, pressure situation still sucks. I find myself holding my breath for 7 hours Mon to Fri. It’s not cool.
Good thing his sister is easier to get to go,  though I never know what she’s wearing or eaten because Lord knows it’s not what I’ve laid out!

I hate lunches, no matter how fancy pants they make the lunch kits and snacks. Blah. Trying to feed my kids through a lunch kit is painful.

The routine is nice,  but even then there’s the bed time fights.  Brush your teeth, have your shower, read your book. No wonder I drive them crazy, mommy broken record is my new name.

And home work, worst thing ever! Not only can I not do the current grade 6 math, I am quite often exhausted and any and all homework is almost guaranteed to result in tears, theirs or mine.

I admit I am a bit of a slacker mom in the studying department. I put in a heroic effort to remind them and help, but by December either they forget or I forget to ask. Come January you’re lucky if I checked the agenda once a week.
Thank God my girl likes to achieve honours and takes pride in her work, or I think we’d be expelled. The whole family would be booted if they went by this mom.

I also quite enjoy having my kids home, the slower pace, the no time lines. And the happier kids.

I am p’oed in 2 weeks I have to suck it up.
And I will, as most mom’s do because I know how important school is. I will go to  a zillion meetings, and fight every morning, make the stupid lunches, and battle the homework battle because I know that I want my kids to succeed.
But I’m not gonna be happy about it!
But don’t tell my kids.


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