Let’s talk.


Let’s talk.
About the elephant in the room.
This picture is a staggering stat, yet one often not spoken of.
Many times it makes no sense.
Other times, we understand.

But it is never easy.

The word suicide is one that comes with such a mixture of emotions, feelings, questions and stigma.
One we struggle to use.

I read a blog recently that resonated with me.  It spoke of deaths due to heart attack instead of coronary embolism, due to cancer instead of the technical terms of the actual end cause.
And death due to depression instead of suicide.

You see suicide is the end result often of a lengthy illness, not the cause of death.
Because many suffer in silence, we often aren’t privy to the battle they’ve fought for so long.
And even if we are,  we are still left wondering how they could do this to us!

But it’s not about us.

As a cancer patient takes their last breath, our hearts break, but we acknowledge that they are finally at peace, without pain.
It’s simply no different for mental illness. They’ve suffered pain, we don’t understand.  And because it’s not as visible we’re less apt to notice the pain or offer help.

You see in our house every day is a painful battle, everyday we watch our child battle like the bravest. And everyday we do our damdest to prevent a suicide.

Our son is now 13, we’ve been preventing since he was 9. That’s four years of appointments, hospitals, tests and pain. And four years before an active attempt. 
So you see that’s almost ten years of illness and suffering.
Not a day, not a second. Years.
Years without remission. Though there are plenty of good days,  this illness will never be cured, there will always be a battle.

And we can only hope that the illness doesn’t result in a life lost.

*though my son suffers a chronic illness, not all do. Some are a day or a minute. Be aware and be present, and most of all be kind *


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