Grandma, you taught me…


What I wouldn’t give for a little longer.
September seems to still suck after five long years.
I can’t believe it’s been that long.
Some days I smile just by simply thinking of how you’d react to something. How you are chuckling at you’re girl. How you’re wrapping your boy in hugs. How much you would love this,  hate that.

Grandma you taught me…
To say what I mean, and mean what I say.
To hug tight and cry hard.
To be my child’s biggest protection. To be their soft place.
To be open. 
To enjoy the sunshine. And naps!
To be graceful and grateful.
To listen carefully, and enjoy the stories.
To be who I am. And if they don’t like it, someone loves me anyway.
To be proud.
To savor good coffee, and dump the crappy stuff down the drain!
To respect, but not to be trampled on.
To embrace change and differences, even if we don’t like it.
To laugh at myself.
To enjoy a good TV show.
That eating cheesecake for breakfast is perfectly acceptable.
That Kahlua in your coffee when you’re struggling is just fine!
That butter is really good for you, so is candy and bread is a main food group!
That life is to short to hold a grudge.
To shop local as much as you can. But to have fun when taking a road trip. And yes giving the finger to asshole driver’s is again acceptable.
That shit happens, and then you carry on.
That being kind is always worth it.
That I married someone pretty awesome, and to cherish him.
You taught me to love life.
Taught me to take the bad and make it good.
Taught me I am somebody and I’m good enough.
Your words and your hugs are missed.  Your heart and your humour remain my best memories.
Today I’ll have an amaretto coffee and continue to remember my very best friend.


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