Watch your words.


Yes. Yes. Yes!

Having a child with a few of these has made me extremely conscious of using the terms in correctly.

It’s hurtful, ignorant and mis guided when used in such ways as the picture.
It adds to the stigma, it lessons the seriousness of the illness and so on.
Unfortunately these sayings have been around for years, I know I’ve used them.  And often they’re used in general conversation, not as a put down or to cause hurt, stereotypes, stigma or discrimination. People don’t use them as such on purpose, or at least not mostly.

In the last few years though since dude has been diagnosed and he’s become more aware he has been able to express just how simple, in passing statements can be hurtful to those suffering without even knowing.
For him it brings shame, it makes him question why it is considered such a horrible thing to have a legitimate mental illness.  Because we have taught our children it’s not a joke, and it most definitely is not something he can help or should be shameful of. 
To him bipolar, anxiety, ocd etc are a painful reality so why someone would generalize and minimize them is extremely frustrating and confusing.

Yes yes I know so many will read this and say “it’s a joke get over it”  or “stop overreacting”. 

Live it,  and then tell me that.

Would saying “ugh I feel like a cancer patient”  or “God I feel like I hot hit by ms”  acceptable or funny?
Hell no!

By tossing diseases, disorders of any kind around in passing is to minimize them. And that is NOT OK.

Because you had A bad day,  doesn’t mean you’re depressed.

Because you missed A meal doesn’t mean you’re suffering anorexia.

Because you cleaned like a mad woman doesn’t mean you are suffering with ocd.

Because you forgot A meeting doesn’t mean you have adhd.

Because you GOT angry doesn’t mean you are living with bipolar.

And FYI none of these things make you psycho!

So I am not sorry for saying enough.
End rant.


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